Transshipment Services

Transshipment Services


35 Garden Rd, East Legon.

Accra – Ghana

Telephone:  0303962214

Mobile : 0503 758 598


Brandel Marine Limited provides specialized, cost effective transhipment services in even the most remote locations.

Our transshipment hubs enable clients to increase their fleet flexibility thereby optimizing transport costs and sailing time.

In all operations, we strictly adhere to our permits, emergency awareness and contingency planning.

The quality of the service is important and we have it at a high level. For transshipment purposes, we use:

  • Gantry cranes of different lifting capacities.
  • Floating cranes.
  • Truck cranes.

Transshipment is needed for multimodal transport or when it is not possible to send the goods by suitable means of transport day in and day out. 

Transshipment using onshore terminal infrastructures provides a high level of availability. The  terminal benefits from the favorable navigation conditions of the Mediterranean, with a jetty that is well protected from swell, virtually no tides and a dredged channel wide enough for two ships simultaneously, all supported by a high level of port services. We are continually expanding our offer to provide operators with ever-greater flexibility.