Brandel Marine Limited provides specialized, cost effective transhipment services in even the most remote locations.

Our transshipment hubs enable clients to increase their fleet flexibility..

We are offering quality crewing services as our aim is to satisfy all parties concerned, especially ship owners and seafarers being the essential elements of the crewing chain. 

Brandel Marine Limited provides integrated shore base logistics to the offshore oil and gas industry and engineering and supply chain management to support the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry.

  • Tailored specific Inspection work packs
  • Survey of assets for classification with class certified inspectors
  • Interpretation of inspection results


Why Choose Brandel Marine?

Brandel Marine is the go-to Manning and Crewing company when in Ghana for services in Transshipment, Maritime services (Training, Ship Agency, Manning, Equipment Supply), Offshore & Oil & Gas Support and Inspection, Repair & Maintenance services.


Our legacy is to challenge the status quo, and much of our success has been and linked to finding new ways to improve technology and business models in shipping. 

1,400 +
Active Seafarers

We believe hiring to be among the important steps towards organizations’ success.

Reputable Clients

Brandel Marine is a dedicated partner with global presence and highly professional.


The experience and professionalism of our staff makes us a company of choice for transshipment services.